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3 Categories of Hard Software Problems
Updated May 15th, 2019 / 3 min read
Generally speaking, there are 3.
Abstract Factory
Updated Apr 16th, 2019 / 5 min read
The abstract factory pattern provides a way to encapsulate a group of individual factories that have a common theme without specifying their concrete classes.
Updated Apr 10th, 2019 / 1 min read
'You aren't gonna need it'
Class Invariant
Updated Apr 9th, 2019 / 1 min read
Invariants are a form of ensuring data integrity of an object.
Anemic Domain Model
Updated Apr 9th, 2019 / 6 min read
When the classes that describe the model and the classes that perform operations on the model are separate. The services contain all the domain logic while the the domain objects themselves contain practically none.
Concrete class
Updated Apr 4th, 2019 / 6 min read
Classes that are complete with fully implemented methods.
Dependency Inversion
Updated Apr 3rd, 2019 / 5 min read
A de-coupling technique where both high-level and low-level classes depend on the same abstraction, inverting the dependency relationship.