My story

I'm Khalil, and I chose Mastery.

If you're a modern developer, you're probably aware of how icky it is out there right now.

New tools, libraries and frameworks to keep up with.

Ever-changing best practices every other month.

A general lack of high-quality, in-depth resources.

I felt it and I didn't like it.

I spent the last 5 years studying, practing, and teaching what I call The Essentials of software design.

Despite what changes every few weeks, months, years - it's about what really matters.

What you really need to know.

That's what this blog, my newsletter, videos, book, courses, coaching, and Discord community are about.

How to master The Essentials of software design and architecture.

Mastery is the first step

Why Mastery?

Because that's when the fun starts.

That's when you can:

  • Build your SaaS products & make passive revenue
  • Get high-paying jobs at the companies you want
  • Work on the projects you're passionate about
  • Work remotely & let your skills do the talking
  • Become an MVP: save doomed codebases
  • Build leverage & own your time
  • Own your life

Mastery is not the goal, but it is an important step on the path to whatever is essential to you.