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Howdy 🤠

I'm Khalil, a software developer / designer and (occassional) musician living in Oakville, Canada.

In 2017, I co-founded Univjobs and learned a lot about making large Node.js codebases scale. At some point during my work as a consultant and reading as many books on software as I could digest, I came to realize that there were a lot of pitfalls I could have avoided if I knew the patterns and principles to guide me.

That's what this site is all about: how to write flexible and maintainable enterprise JavaScript.

Who is this site for: I'm working hard to create high-quality content on advanced TypeScript + Node.js topics for Junior JavaScript Developers who:

  • won't tolerate writing any more buggy production code
  • want to learn how to write maintainable, testable software
  • want to fast-track their way to senior-level roles
  • want to learn how to model complex object-oriented software with Node.js

A bit more: I hold both a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Brock University and a Diploma in Internet Communications Technology from Sheridan College.

If you're interested in the tech stacks and tools I use, you can find that out here.

When I'm not coding or reading excellent software books, I like to spend time with my beautiful girlfriend, write and record music, longboard, and jog around Oakville 🏃‍.

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