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Essential software development patterns, principles and tutorials with modern JavaScript and TypeScript.

By a software developer / designer, musician based out of the GTA currently working as a JavaScript consultant.

I co-founded Univjobs in 2017 and learned a lot about making code scale. At some point during my current work at Aquent Dev6 as a consultant and reading as many books on software as I could digest, I've come to realize that there were a lot of pitfalls I could have avoided if I knew the patterns and principles to guide me. That's what this site is about: things I think all professional software people should know.

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Migrate Primary Keys to UUIDs - Sequelize/Node
Apr 20th, 20199 min read
This is how and why I took upon myself the hellish task of migrating an existing Sequelize + TypeScript application to use UUIDs i...
How to Build a Related Posts Component with Gatsby.js
Apr 16th, 20197 min read
Here's how to build a "Related Posts" component for your Gatsby.js site.
An Introduction to Domain-Driven Design - DDD w/ TypeScript
Apr 9th, 20199 min read
Domain-Driven Design is the approach to software development which enables us to translate complex problem domains into rich, expr...
Value Objects - DDD w/ TypeScript
Apr 7th, 20196 min read
Value Objects are one of the primary components of Domain-Driven Design. Here's a simple Value Object class in TypeScript.
When To Use TypeScript - A Detailed Guide Through Common Scenarios
Apr 6th, 201915 min read
Strap yourself in. In this guide, we compare when it's absolutely vital to be using TypeScript, the strictly-typed programming lan...
Fix Macbook Audio Not Working on Discord
Nov 25th, 20181 min read
Use this script to fix Discord's audio problems on Mac.

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Abstract Factory
Updated Apr 16th, 20195 min read
The abstract factory pattern provides a way to encapsulate a group of individual factories that have a common theme without specifying their concrete classes.
Updated Apr 10th, 20191 min read
'You aren't gonna need it'