Learn how to write enterprise-level software with Node.js & TypeScript.

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Domain-Driven Design w/ TypeScript & Node.js

Learn how to use Domain-Driven Design to build complex enterprise-level applications with Node.js & TypeScript.

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Who I create courses for

Junior & intermediate-level developers technically adept in at least one programming language, hungry for advanced-level content on how to build complex enterprise-level applications.

Junior & intermediate-level developers who want to fast-track their way to senior level roles.

Developers who want to improve their object-modeling and software design capabilities.

Developers who want to know how to design any system using Object-oriented programming principles and software design.

Developers who want to learn principles and best practices towards creating stable and maintainable, yet flexible applications with Node.js.

Mid-level to Sr level back-end developers coming from a different language (like C# or Java) and curious to learn how applications can be built using common software development approaches like Domain-Driven Design, but with JavaScript technologies.

Bootcamp graduates who are comfortable in the fundementals of JavaScript and want to learn software design best practices.

Freelancers & consultants who want to learn how best practices and how to scope real life software projects for clients.

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