Who is this book for?

It's for anyone who cares about structuring their codebases to be readable as more and more code gets added.

What's the main takeaway? What will I learn how to do?

You'll learn a few approaches towards naming files and folders to be able to find the code you need to change quickly.

How long is it?

It's 31 pages and 3.1 MB of pure code organization bliss.

How long is this free for?

Not sure! But get it now while it is :)

Where can I find some real-world code organized like this?

I'm working on putting together a full open-source enterprise app that should serve as a really good example. Go fork it.

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An approach to organizing large codebases to be readable and brain-friendly

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Understand what makes codebases readable vs. non-readable

Learn tips for picking really good file and folder names to improve productivity

How to organize code to make it easier to maintain architectural boundaries

Understand what package by infrastructure is and why it creates "hard-to-scan" codebases

Learn how to "Package by Component" and develop features faster

About the author

Khalil Stemmler

Software Essentialist ⚡

Khalil is a software developer, writer, musician, and ex-failed-startup co-founder of Univjobs. He has 6+ years of experience writing software with Java, JavaScript, Node.js, and as of late: TypeScript. He writes about software design and architecture best practices with TypeScript and is especially passionate about Domain-Driven Design and GraphQL.