3 Common Goals of Frontend Frameworks

Last updated Jan 8th, 2020

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Data storage, change detection, and data flow.

Every frontend framework has their own opinionated way to solve the same three problems.

1. Data storage

Defining the shape, changing, and accessing data from the store

Apollo Client + React Hooks

Using Apollo Client we can create a store to represent the local state as a client-side cache, fundamentally replacing the need to use Redux to maintain a client-side store.

Queries/mutations that need remote state can also be written in combination with remote fields to handle use cases where we add flags or booleans to data for local presentation.


const GET_DOG = gql`
  query GetDogByBreed($breed: String!) {
    dog(breed: $breed) {
      images {
        isLiked @client # signal to resolve locally

It's pretty nifty.

Anything data not found in the client-side cache is fetched remotely and cached on its way in.

2. Change detection

Signaling to components that data has changed

3. Data flow

The direction that changes flow and responding to change