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Books that Junior Developers Should Read in 2020 [List]
Nov 22nd, 2019 / 12 min read
These books “are basically cheat codes” for leveling up your skills and knowledge as a developer.
Static Factory Methods | Object-Oriented Programming w/ TypeScript
Nov 21st, 2019 / 1 min read
In this blog post, I explain how we can use the static factory method to enforce rules against how an object is created.
When to Use a Private Constructor | TypeScript OOP
Nov 21st, 2019 / 3 min read
In this blog post, I explain how using a private constructor helps to force a single way to create an object, and why it's most co...
How to Handle Updates on Aggregates - Domain-Driven Design w/ TypeScript
Nov 18th, 2019 / 20 min read
In this article, you'll learn approaches for handling aggregates on Aggregates in Domain-Driven Design.
How to Learn Software Design and Architecture | The Full-stack Software Design & Architecture Map
Sep 28th, 2019 / 17 min read
Software Design and Architecture is pretty much it's own field of study within the realm of computing, like DevOps or UX Design. H...
Decoupling Logic with Domain Events [Guide] - Domain-Driven Design w/ TypeScript
Sep 26th, 2019 / 22 min read
In this article, we'll walk through the process of using Domain Events to clean up how we decouple complex domain logic across the...
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