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Books that Junior Developers Should Read in 2020 [List]
Nov 22nd, 2019 / 12 min read
These books “are basically cheat codes” for leveling up your skills and knowledge as a developer.
Make Illegal States Unrepresentable! - Domain-Driven Design w/ TypeScript
Nov 21st, 2019 / 14 min read
By using TypeScript's static type system, not only can we enforce (typically challenging things like) business rules and error sta...
I'm Learning Everything GraphQL in 2020
Nov 19th, 2019 / 5 min read
GraphQL is the latest API style on the block. It's a modern way for us to pull data out of your system (queries) and make changes ...
How to Handle Updates on Aggregates - Domain-Driven Design w/ TypeScript
Nov 18th, 2019 / 20 min read
In this article, you'll learn approaches for handling aggregates on Aggregates in Domain-Driven Design.
Comparison of Domain-Driven Design and Clean Architecture Concepts
Nov 5th, 2019 / 8 min read
Eric Evans' "Domain-Driven Design" and Uncle Bob's "Clean Architecture" are books that have introduced tactical approaches towards...
How to Prerender Comments | Gatsbyjs Guide
Oct 25th, 2019 / 12 min read
Prerendering dynamic data can have several advantages. For Gatsby blogs with high engagement, comments can positively impact SEO, ...
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