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Is DDD Overrated? | Domain-Driven Design
DDD is one particular approach to software design. While highly influential and transformational for developers new to software de...
Transcribing Video With DDD Discussion | Domain Driven Design w/ TypeScript
A design discussion about transcribing video using DDD and the clean/hexagonal architecture.
Make Illegal States Unrepresentable! - Domain-Driven Design w/ TypeScript
By using TypeScript's static type system, not only can we enforce (typically challenging things like) business rules and error sta...
How to Handle Updates on Aggregates - Domain-Driven Design w/ TypeScript
In this article, you'll learn approaches for handling aggregates on Aggregates in Domain-Driven Design.
Decoupling Logic with Domain Events [Guide] - Domain-Driven Design w/ TypeScript
In this article, we'll walk through the process of using Domain Events to clean up how we decouple complex domain logic across the...
Does DDD Belong on the Frontend? - Domain-Driven Design w/ TypeScript
Should we utilize Domain-Driven Design principles and patterns in front-end applications? How far does domain modeling reach from ...
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