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JavaScript forEach | Looping Through an Array in JS
JavaScript's for each loop is a quick and easy way to iterate over an array. Used as an alternative to the for loop, it can make c...
Books that Developers Should Read in 2020 [List]
These books “are basically cheat codes” for leveling up your skills and knowledge as a developer.
What's Unscalable about JavaScript? | TypeScript OOP
TypeScript is called JavaScript that scales. What's so unscalable about JavaScript?
There Is No Dominant Paradigm | Software Professionalism
Functional programming is not the end to all of our problems. Quality software is all three paradigms.
Over $85 billion spent on fixing bad code [bootcamps, junior devs, JavaScript, and software design principles]
More and more money is being spent by companies on maintaining bad JavaScript code. Here's where I think our industry needs to cha...
TypeScript vs. JavaScript [Pros / cons]
TypeScript is arguably one of the best things to come to the JavaScript world helping developers comfortably create complex enterp...
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