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How to Build a Related Posts Component with Gatsby.js
Apr 16th, 20197 min read
Here's how to build a "Related Posts" component for your Gatsby.js site.
Code Challenges #2: 0's surrounded by 1's
Aug 10th, 20182 min read
This week in Code Challenges, I was asked to write an algorithm to find the longest sequence of 0's surrounded by 1's.
Code Challenges #1: parseInt() deep dive
Aug 10th, 20183 min read
This week in Code Challenges, I was asked to do a deep dive into the parseInt() function in JavaScript.
Cleaner Code with Async / Await Tutorial
Jul 30th, 20187 min read
Asynchronous programming in JavaScript used to be difficult to write clean code with. Today we have options. You can write asynchr...
Fixing Sequelize Models with Migrations
Jul 17th, 20188 min read
Sequelize is a great ORM for NodeJS applications that are built on relational backends. Inevitably, you'll need to update your mod...
How To Optimize Your Gatsby Blog For SEO
Jun 19th, 20186 min read
Gatsby is a great tool for creating static websites, landing pages, and blogs. This post will show you how you can optimize your b...
What Does A Tilde Do In JavaScript?
Nov 16th, 20173 min read
The tilde in JavaScript is actually surprisingly useful for shorthand determining the truthiness of a value.
How To Easily Understand Callbacks In JavaScript
May 30th, 20167 min read
Understanding callbacks in JavaScript is one of the very first things that anyone starting to program with JavaScript should know....